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A playboy who’s never out of the spotlight.

A sheltered girl who’s always been left in the dark.

A summer that will change their lives.


Just because Jude Taylor is surrounded by people every minute of his life doesn’t mean he isn’t lonely. He lives the party boy lifestyle, spending his billionaire father’s money, and regularly gets his name plastered across the Internet tabloid sites. But constantly clashing with his dad has had him running from his family for years. When Jude is forced to return to Manhattan, his parents aren’t exactly ready to welcome him home. A favor is called in from a family friend to take him in for the summer.


Aubrey Vestergaard —with a name among the likes of New York royalty—is her mother’s secret shame, thanks to a hereditary disease that leaves Aubrey unable to feel pain. Reclusive, isolated, and left in the fierce, protective care of her staff, nineteen-year-old Aubrey has never left her home. She likes strict schedules, quiet, and hates change. Complete opposites, Jude and Aubrey have nothing in common.


Jude has always lived his life in the spotlight. Aubrey has always lived her life in the shadows and longs to discover life beyond her front door. Jude could be the key that unlocks that life. From late-night escapes to an extravagant gala, the magic of summer in New York City wraps Jude and Aubrey in its warm, exciting embrace. As the young adults grow closer, the sweet rush of first love will turn their journey of personal discovery into the summer of a lifetime.

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"I fell in love with Aubrey and Jude a million times over."

- Sana Kiel, author

"What a sweet & interesting romance!"

- Natalie | NovelsWithNat

"A nice, thought-provoking read for summer."

- Amazon Reviewer

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Captivating read!"

- Amazon Reviewer

trigger warnings

sexual scenes (mild-moderate)

drug use

emotional abuse

parental neglect

physical abuse

panic attacks